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Published: 22/04/2021
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It is a common thought among people that a school web design should be essentially basic and generic in looks. However, schools and educational institutions that are aiming at its future students and their aspiring parents to be drawn towards them, or just want to impress its own faculty, alumni or other institutions opt for websites that have sleek custom designs and seamless functionality. Such school web design draw a lot of attention while giving its visitor a glimpse of what the institution can achieve. Although other elements of a website like the content influence a visitor’s decision to return, people do love well designed websites with interesting content.

Appropriate for your School

Website visitors are impressed by modern, simplistic and fresh looking websites that are easy to navigate. A well designed website becomes essential irrespective of the size of your institution. To come up with a sleek, fresh, modern yet easy-to-navigate website, it is necessary to look for a web designer with creativity and a lot of web development experience.

Essential Qualities of a School

A school web design should essentially have the following basic qualities:

• Good Graphic Design
• Clear Interface Design
• Cross Platform, Cross Browser Compatibility
• Easy Maintenance & Quick Load Times
• Website Re-Engineering & Website Maintenance

Advantages of Having a School Web Design

There are many advantages of having a website in place for your school. Few of them are listed below:

• Gain local, regional or worldwide exposure
• Reduce advertising budget and promote web links
• Keep students, faculty and parents informed
• Host training materials on website for any time access by students and faculty
• Be on display 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
• Enhance your school’s image
• Increase awareness about school
• Increase communication with parents
• Maintain transparency in system
• Get instant feedback from website visitors

How to Get Started with a New School?

1) Web Development

It is always a smart choice to consult a professional web design and development company that can provide an array of web design services that suit your institution’s needs. These services may include, but not limited to, custom web development, blog creation, copy writing, video production, online videos, audio production, software demos etc.

2) Online Marketing

Once a website is ready, the next step is always to attract the target audience. For online marketing, professional web service companies offer services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Local Search, Organic Search, Social Media & Viral Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC) and even Search Engine Anatomy. These services help you reach your audience in a more effective manner.

3) Graphic & Logo Design

A school like any other business is recognized as a brand. The logo design of the school on the website and its offline materials are equally important. These offline materials include the school’s letterhead design; envelop design, brochure design, etc. Professional design companies provide creative logo design and branding, letterhead design, HTML Newsletter Design, Brochure Design, Business Card Design and Envelope Design as part of their services portfolio. These services go a long way in building a brand name and image for your school in the online and offline community likewise.

4) School Website Domains & Web Hosting

Most of the small scale web design companies have very limited services to offer. Such companies usually have the talent and resources to design and develop the website for your school; however, they do not take charge of web domain registration and school web hosting. Professional companies, on the other hand, offer services ranging from web design, web development services to web domain registration, web hosting and email hosting under one roof. In addition to these services you can also get SSL Certificates for secure website accesses and Website Virus Removal services if you hire a full service web design company

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